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The First Steps to a New Roof

Looking for a new roof in Austin or the surrounding areas? We believe that good business starts from the ground up. It’s one of the reasons we do not use an answering service. When you call us, someone who actually works for the company will answer the phone. Once we gather your contact details and a basic summary of your roof problem, we pass that information directly to one of our estimators in the field who will promptly call you back to schedule a free in-home estimate. We can usually inspect your roof and have an estimate in hand within 24 hours from the time you call in. Once the estimate is in your possession we take the time to explain in detail what exactly your specific case will involve and all of the options (and their prices) that are available to you.

Scheduling the Job

Once you have contracted with our company to actually do the work in question we initiate the next level of the process. At this time our estimator will inform Stacy that there is a job to schedule, and will hand Stacy the contract personally, as he is generally in charge of running production. He will then prepare the order for the material. The supply company will give us a schedule as to when delivery can be made, and we will then call you to inform you of a delivery date (so that among other things your driveway can be clear on the day of delivery). The material is usually set upon the roof the day before we are to start the actual work on your home.

The Day We Install Your New Roof

Our crew will arrive early in the morning, often around 7:00 am to begin. Our men are highly trained and highly skilled. They are polite and friendly. An on-sight job foreman oversees the job, and several times a day a production manager will visit the site to inspect the progress and address any special problems that may arise. On the average house in the Austin area we can remove the existing roof, install synthetic felt, metal valleys, metal edge, new boots (painted), and nail new shingles on the roof in one to two days. When we complete a job we take a lot of pride in leaving the job-site as clean as we found it.

We're Here to Help

We will continue to be there for any concerns that may arise over the following years, be it for that (thankfully) rare warranty call, or a new event such as a fresh storm or a tree falling on your new roof, or rodents or raccoons…you get the picture. We want to be your roofing company.

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