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From roof leak repairs to roof hail damage repairs, a successful roofing repair project requires services from an experienced team of professionals. Pearson Family Roofing understands that fixing your roof is an investment, and you can't trust just anyone with the job. Let our trusted local roofing contractors handle every detail of your repair—from inspection to project completion. We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction every step of the way.

For every roofing repair task, we use expert techniques and the highest quality roofing materials to give you long-lasting results. We believe you should feel confident in the quality of your roof. Our attention to detail and next-level expertise put your mind at ease and help you know we are the best roofing team for the job. When you call on us, we will be there right away to provide the roof repair you need at a fair price. It’s our goal to take the hassle and stress out of the roof repair process.

Roof Leak Repairs

Are you dealing with a wet spot on your ceiling or in your attic? A roof leak may be to blame. Common signs of a roof leak include wet or warped ceilings and walls, missing or damaged shingles, and a wet roof deck in the attic. Our roofers can identify the leak source and provide an effective roof leak repair to stop it in its tracks.

Even the tiniest leak can lead to extensive water damage over time. Don't let the moisture take hold of your roof. Contact Pearson Family Roofing for roof leak repairs you can trust to protect your property investment.

Roof Leak

Roof Storm Repairs

After a storm subsides, you may be shocked to see the damage that can result from hail, heavy rains, blowing tree branches, and high winds. Contacting a reliable team for roof storm repairs immediately is crucial. When you turn to Pearson Family Roofing, you'll find a team of roofers with the tools, techniques, and expertise to identify storm-related roof damage and perform top-quality repairs.

We put our years of experience to work for your home, ensuring you achieve optimal repair results and a roof that will protect you and your family from the elements. Our roofers never take a band-aid, quick-fix approach to your roof storm repair. Instead, we address the issue at the source, so you can trust your roof has a comprehensive restoration to prevent future problems.

Hail Damage

Roof Hail Damage Repairs

Hail damage is tricky because it may look minimal while the damage can be extensive. Signs of hail damage to a roof include pockmarks, black spots, missing or cracked shingles, granules loss, shiny asphalt or mat, and soft spots or bruises. Even if the damage appears minor, neglecting hail damage roof repair can shorten your roof’s lifespan and lead to premature roof replacement.

 Investing in qualified roofing repair services will give your roof a full recovery at the fairest price. The Pearson Family Roofing team will work with your insurance company and find other ways to minimize the costs to make your roof repair more affordable. So count on us for the roof hail damage repair you need when you need it.

The Best Roofing Company in Austin, TX

No matter what type of roof repairs or roof restoration you are facing, Pearson Family Roofing will be there to streamline the process. We have earned a stellar reputation throughout the Austin, TX area as an honest, reliable roofing contractor who strives to exceed our customers' expectations. We work hard to earn your trust with attentive customer service and superior roof repair that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

 We take every roof repair job seriously and value your business, and it shows. From the first call to our office, you’ll know you are working with dedicated professionals who care about your successful roof repair project. We are only satisfied when we know you are. Put your roof in expert hands by choosing Pearson Family Roofing.

Common Roof Repair Questions

How long should a roof repair last?

A roof repair will last longer when performed by an experienced roofing company using the highest quality materials. The lifespan of the repair will also depend on the residential roof type and the age of the original roof. For example, repairing an asphalt or composite roof may give it up to 20 more usable years, while a metal roof repair can last 50 years. If you are repairing a roof that is already aged, it may be time to consider whether a replacement is a better investment. To get the most life possible out of your roof repair, turn to the dependable team of experts at Pearson Family Roofing. We use premium materials and professional techniques to maximize your roofing repair dollars.

How often does a roof need replacing?

Most roofing contractors agree that a standard residential roof should last between 20 and 25 years, as long as the roof has proper installation and maintenance. A qualified roofer can help you determine if it makes more financial sense to repair your roof or replace it. In some cases, especially if the roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, you may spend more money in the long run attempting to repair it. At Pearson Family Roofing, we can provide a thorough professional roofing inspection to help you determine your best path forward. Then, if it's time for a roof replacement, we can help.

Do roofers repair chimney leaks?

Many roofing companies offer chimney leak repair services, but it is important to find a reputable local team with experience. Common causes for chimney leaks include damage to the chimney flashing, masonry mortar, crown, or cap. If you notice a roof leak, you may think it is coming from damaged or missing shingles, when in fact the problem is related to the chimney. Pearson Family Roofing will assess the flashing and sealing around the chimney and provide an effective fix to stop the leak and prevent water damage.

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