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Hip roofs offer exceptional durability and weatherability while creating an attractive aesthetic. The simple hip roof design is a preferred style for many residential home types, including the popular ranch-style home. It’s a classic roof featuring slopes on each of the four sides that come together to form a ridge at the top. If you are looking for an experienced roofing contractor for hip roof installation, repair, or other hip roof services, count on Pearson Family Roofing.

Our highly qualified roofers bring over three decades of experience installing hip roofs. You will appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to excellence. We ensure your 100% satisfaction and a long-lasting hip roof that adds superior protection and value to your home.

Benefits of Expert Hip Roof Installation

The nature of hip roof design, such as the slant and equal length of the sloped sides, creates an ideal balance that facilitates more durability than other roofing styles. Take a closer look at the benefits you can expect from professional hip roof installation from Pearson Family Roofing:

  • Strength and durability: Skilled hip roof installation creates a roof that is self-bracing, which promotes stability and prevents structural issues from developing in the future.
  • Weather and wind-resistant: Our roofing company knows how to perform the proper techniques during installation to prevent leaks and boost weatherability; you will have peace of mind knowing your roof will protect your family against the elements.
  • Prevents precipitation accumulation: The hip roof sloping directs rainfall and snow to the gutters; because the precipitation has no flat surface on which to rest, there is less risk of moisture accumulation and water damage.

To enjoy these benefits of hip roof design, you must hire experts who have spent years mastering the art of roof installation. Even a tiny mistake during the installation process can lead to unnecessary roof repairs or premature replacement. Count on our roofing team to get the job done right the first time to maximize your hip roof investment.

Hip Roof Restoration

Want to prolong your hip roof’s lifespan and enhance performance? Pearson Family Roofing specializes in roof restoration for all roofing types, including the hip roof. Our team will identify and restore the parts of your hip roof that are worn, damaged, or compromising the roof’s overall effectiveness.

It may be time for professional hip roof restoration if you notice any of these signs:

  • Sagging sections
  • Visible damage to roofing components like shingles, tiles, or chimney
  • Light or moisture coming through cracks
  • Peeling or blistering exterior paint
  • Staining on interior walls or ceilings

In some cases, roof restoration is a way to upgrade your hip roof without the expense of a complete roof replacement. Working with a highly trained team like Pearson Family Roofing can help you determine if restoration or replacement is best for your roofing situation.

Connect with the Top Roofing Contractor for Hip Roof Solutions

Ready to move forward with hip roof installation, repair, or roof restoration? Homeowners choose Pearson Family Roofing because they know we are the best at what we do. Our Austin, TX roofing company uses the highest quality roofing materials and next-level expertise to give you a hip roof that will withstand the elements and the test of time while making your home an attractive stand-out in the neighborhood.

Most Common Questions about a Hip Roof

What is a hip roof design?

A hip roof, also known as a hipped roof, is a type of roofing design in which the roof sides slant or slope down toward the structure’s walls to the space where the walls sit beneath the eaves on the side of the roof. This roofing style features clean and modern lines and durability, making it a top roofing choice in the United States. If you need hip roof installation or roof restoration, Pearson Family Roofing is the team for the job.

Do hip roofs leak?

With improper hip roof installation, there is a greater risk of springing leaks. However, skilled roofing professionals ensure all components are secure and correctly flashed. Choosing a team with extensive experience in hip roof installation services will give you optimal, leak-free results. For the most durable hip roof in the Austin area, reach out to the roofing contractors at Pearson Family Roofing.

Does a hip roof support itself?

One favorite feature of hip roof design is that it is self-bracing, meaning it is built to support itself. The four sloped sides balance each other where they meet at the ridge. As a result, they require less diagonal bracing than gable roofs and have exceptional durability and stability in the face of wind and other elements. Want to take advantage of hip roof benefits for your home? Contact Pearson Family Roofing.

Do ridge cap shingles go on a hip roof?

Some roofing contractors use ridge cap shingles to serve as the cap on the ridge–the horizontal line where the sloping roof planes meet at the top of the hip roof. Instead of laying flat like traditional shingles, the ridge cap shingles are bent over the ridge, laying on top of the other shingles. Architectural shingles work especially well as ridge caps; they are weather-resistant and complement the other roof shingles. To benefit from all the best techniques for hip roof installation, turn to the team at Pearson Family Roofing.

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